In addition to the Livingston Properties’ team of building experts, they work closely alongside a range of experienced consultants including engineers, architects, designers and surveyors. Knowing the right people to help in any given situation gives clients full peace of mind and leaves them free to carry on running their business.

Living in Hawke’s Bay means seismic assessment is an important part of building inspections and refits, something Livingston Properties takes very seriously.

“Seismic activity is something we understand well here and we’re not afraid of it, so if someone has a building that needs to be fixed, we know how to do it,” Bill says. “We live in an area where we need to understand those procedures and this is part of our refit service. As building owners we are very interested in this.”

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Livingston Properties understand it is a shock for business owners to realise that the building they own may be earthquake-prone. But the Livingston team can perform a seismic assessment then work with you to bring the building up to standard, while causing the least disruption to staff and customers.

From their own perspective, Livingston Properties is interested in preserving the integrity of our past, taking buildings other people may not see the potential in and renovating them for tenants. From a historical point of view, Bill and Chris want to preserve the structures and have even moved a few to save them from demolition – giving them new potential.

From the ground up, Livingston Properties take pride in refitting buildings to make them suit the client’s purpose. Just another example of their dedication to the district’s history and their desire to see it grow.

New Builds

Livingston Properties owns several parcels of green land around Hastings and district, and can partner with businesses to build specifically for them, or buy land in a particular area on which to build a project.

Chris and Bill have built many properties to tight specifications, where the tenant has the option to stay in the building on a lease or buy the property later. They will consult with the client, making sure every aspect of the process goes smoothly.

And all tenants have the option to buy, or Livingston Properties can continue to hold it as their own investment.


Livingston Properties works closely with a team of consultants so that every step of building or refit work is covered by an expert. From working through council regulations to the final coat of paint of the finished project, every aspect of the work is covered by an experienced professional.