Livingston Properties owners Chris Skerman and Bill Livingston had been friends for many years when they discovered a mutual interest in property investment. Bill already had his eye on a local structure and it wasn’t long before the new partners pooled their resources. That first building became the foundation of a significant commercial and industrial portfolio.

Chris and Bill can offer their expertise in any way to help businesses do well.  It is in their own interest to ensure their tenants succeed and thrive.

They also recognise the importance to staff of having a pleasant and safe working environment. If their surroundings make them happy, people will enjoy going to work and be more productive as a result.  Bill and Chris have become experts in their fields and feel their local knowledge is invaluable.

It is important to them that they match people and businesses with the right building for their needs. So give them your brief and they will roll up their sleeves!


Our Team

Bill Livingston
Bill LivingstonOwner / Director

Bill has been a builder for over 30 years and, while he began his career as a “green apprentice banging in nails not knowing east from west”, he has evolved into a business owner who is an honorary life member of the Master Builder’s Association.

He has worked extensively overseas and says he is always looking for the next challenge, still enjoying the odd day on the tools.

“Every building refit or new build is enjoyable and a thrill,” he says. “I know the industry and the pitfalls pretty well and have lots of design experience, but the next step – putting people into a nice space – is where I get the thrill.”

Chris Skerman
Chris SkermanOwner / Director

Chris is the first to admit that he came into the property investment market with little knowledge of it. His background is in farming and he says his only experience of the building process was “lean-tos and maimais”.

“I now get the same satisfaction from our work that Bill gets,” he says. “I’m tremendously proud of the buildings we bring back to life  and putting happy tenants in them.”

“When you put it all together everyone’s happy and the client has a better space, it’s just great.”

Raewyn Little
Raewyn LittleAdministration Manager

Raewyn is the “face” of Livingston Properties and is generally the first cheery voice clients hear when they phone.  Her role covers any problems tenants may have and she is the first point of contact for getting the job done.

Barry Koenders
Barry KoendersProject Manager

Barry is project manager for all Livingston Properties’ renovation or building work, running the job and making things happen. He works with a range of consultants to make sure that every project goes smoothly.