Welcome to Livingston Properties

When it comes to commercial property in Hawke’s Bay, Livingston Properties have the experience and local knowledge to help find the perfect building or site.

Experienced in all aspects of investment properties, Livingston Properties can offer a wide range of services, from seismic assessment and refit of older buildings, through to building a new structure – whether industrial, commercial or office space – where your staff and customers will love to come through the doors.

If your company plans to move or expand into the Hastings district, Livingston Properties will help you find the building or site that is ideal for the specific needs of your business.

Whether you decide to develop an existing building or build an industrial or commercial property to your specific needs, the team at Livingston Properties have years of experience in the property market.

With over 20 buildings and parcels of land in the Hastings district, owners Bill Livingston and Chris Skerman can help you find a site where your business can grow, and are able to bring in a team of experts to provide seismic assessments, design consultancy and a range of services to ensure you and your building are the perfect fit.

Livingston Properties offer your business the chance to either move into an existing building and rent or lease, or have the team build a property to your specifications which you have the chance to purchase later.

The great advantage of using Livingston Properties for your commercial and industrial buildings is that you receive personal service from Chris and Bill themselves at every step of the way – and if there is anything that needs fixing, it’s likely that one of them will turn up to fix it.

That’s the Livingston difference.